What is Work and Travel in the USA program?

The Work and Travel in the USA summer program is an incredible opportunity for you to immerse yourself in American culture while earning money during your summer vacation. Over the course of four months, you'll have the chance to work in seasonal or temporary non-skilled service positions at resorts, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks.

You can find yourself in diverse roles such as lifeguarding, working at amusement parks, housekeeping, waiting tables, or being part of hotel staff. As you explore the USA, you'll not only support your day-to-day needs but also gain a deeper understanding of American culture and improve your English language skills. This experience will be both enriching and memorable, allowing you to make the most of your summer break.

What We Offer You

Tailored Experiences

At BISET, we understand that each student is unique, and we strive to create a personalized experience for everyone. With a wide array of job types and companies to choose from across different states, you'll have the opportunity to embark on a journey tailored to your preferences and qualifications.

Accommodation and Transportation

We will offer guidance on accommodation and transportation, giving you peace of mind as you take on this new adventure.

J-1 Visa and the Opportunity to Explore the USA

The J-1 visa allows for three months of work and one additional month for tourism and travel. This gives you ample time to immerse yourself in the American culture, explore new places, and create unforgettable memories.

Lasting Connections and Relationships

Throughout your journey, you'll make friendships, professional connections, and forge relationships that could benefit you in the future. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is truly unparalleled in its ability to create lasting memories and personal growth.

How To Apply

  • Get Started

  • Simply contact us through the button below or visit our "Contact Us" page, and we'll be in touch to arrange an interview. During this interview, we'll learn about your interests and provide you with various options based on your preferences and qualifications.
  • Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the program, you must be between the ages of 18-26, a current university student, and possess basic conversational skills in English. Don't worry if you're not fluent - part of the experience is improving your English skills!

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Can I extend my visit beyond the program?

No, please you must abide by the local immigration laws. Extending your stay beyond the allowed duration may affect your chances of obtaining a visa in the future. The maximum duration for Work and Travel in the USA program is 4 months.

Can I choose where I will be placed for my work and travel program?

You can apply for as many jobs as you're interested in, and the employers will choose the candidates they prefer.

How much money can I expect to earn during my work and travel experience?

Your earnings will depend on the minimum wage of the state where you'll be working. Earnings can vary greatly depending on your job, location, and hours worked. This program will allow you to gain essential financial management skills.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of while participating in a work and travel program?

You should be prepared to cover visa fees, airline tickets, and living expenses during the initial period of your stay.

Can I have another job during the program?

Yes, if your sponsor agrees. However, we encourage you to focus on one job and make the most of your experience by engaging in social activities and travelling to build your life skills and improve your language.

Can we go as a group of friends?

Absolutely yes, but it may make it harder for all of you to find suitable job placements in the same place, so this process might be longer than if applying individually.

Do you offer visa assistance?

We will prepare all the necessary official documents and provide you with comprehensive guidance to ensure a smooth visa application process.

How can I know if I’m eligible for the program?

Check the Eligibility Criteria section to know more